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"All the worlds a stage". William Shakespeare
Little Red Riding Hood

A perfect show for preschool and kindergarten classes. It is the classic story of Little Red with a modern twist. Red is set on a mission to bring some goodies to her Granny but on the way she can not remember the important rules her mom gave her. She walks deep into the woods and meets flowers, dark trails and even the big bad wolf. Along the journey she learns about honesty, generousity, kindness and the importance of acceptance. There is music, dancing and audience participation. 

Mother Goose Your Rhymes Are Loose


A perfect show for nursery and preschools. All of your favourite nursery rhymes come out in this fun, interactive story. CC is left to take care the big book of nursery rhymes​ but funny things start to happen as the rhymes get loose. She has to find all of the rhymes and put them back into the book before Mother Goose gets back. Kids love hearing their favourite nursery rhymes and singing and dancing along.


The Christmas Elf

Two of Santas elves are on a mission to find the spirt of Christmas. This interactive holiday show is full of music, dancing and Christmas magic. This show is designed as a 45 to 60 minute show. Kids love getting into the Christmas spirit. This is a great show for any holiday party or community event.

* If you are looking for a unique show we can work with you to create what you are looking for your event!
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