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Musical Theatre and Me

This is our newest program geared towards parents and their performers who want to learn the love of musical theatre at home!

Each class is 35-45 minutes, pre-recorded so you can take it whenever you want with your performer.

You will learn a song, a choreographed dance and an acting scene from a musical!

The program is 12 weeks of dripped content, fun worksheets to do with your performers, lots of games, dances and activities you can explore together.

This program is ideal for performers ages 4-12  

The current session you will learn a song, scene and dance to a song from the musical Annie.

Be a part of our FB community and learn with other performers!


Not sure? Check out the sample class 

Register Now!

You decide when you start the program and when you take lesson. Each week you will receive your lesson through email.

Let's have some fun together!

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