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About Us

Courtney Riddell is the owner of Little Monkey Entertainment, she is a musical theatre performer who specializes in children's theatre. She always knew kids theatre was her favourite because they are the most honest audience you will ever have. She also teaches musical theatre in Guelph to kids ages 3-14.

She loves to incorporate teaching and audience involvement in all of her shows. She is a mom of three little boys and they are her inspiration and her toughest critics. She knows if they like her show or song then it is something good.

She loves sharing her love of theatre with audiences young and old. Her shows are unique, but still have something familiar with them so people can connect and join in.

Centre Stage Kids is the class portion of Little Monkey where we train, create, play and develop little performers. The goal is provide an environment kids can be comfortable in and explore the magical world of musical theatre. The classes and shows are about process and working together.

I love having kids experience musical theatre in a comfortable and free environment. We do not believe in auditions but use a variety of games and exercises to cast our shows.

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